The NYSE(New York Stock Exchange) is a daily source of inspiration and non-stop activity.  It is located on the corner of Wall Street & Broad Street.

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The corner of Wall Street and Broad Street is the heart of the Financial District of New York City, and one of the most popular destinations for those visiting the city.

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Dedication corporate headquarters are located on the 18th floor of 85 Broad Street.  On November 1st, 2016 we opened sales offices right down the hall from our executive offices.  Dedication is an essential ingredient to our success.

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Laurence N. Girard

Laurence Girard is the CEO & Founder of, a telehealth software company that provides software to healthcare providers that enables them to conduct HIPAA compliant video consultations with their patients and monitor their diet and lifestyle with wearable devices and mobile applications. Laurence is a former fellow of the Kairos Society, a highly selective global network of student entrepreneurs. He also volunteered in the emergency room at Huntington Hospital in Long Island, New York. Laurence is currently enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree Program at the Harvard Extension School, but is taking time off from school to work on Fruit Street.

Laurence's passion for entrepreneurship started at the Harvard Innovation Lab which is the entrepreneurship center at Harvard University.


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