Operating From a Mindset of Helping Others

It is common that you may find yourself uninspired from time to time. From my experience, the best way to keep yourself inspired is to operate from a mindset of helping others. If you are only thinking about helping yourself, you may be less inspired to succeed. However, if you focus on helping others you will be significantly more successful. The reason for this is that you will be operating from a point of “why” and remember why you decided to do what you are doing.

I started my company to help prevent lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes. I was originally volunteering in my local emergency room saw an obese patient pass away from heart disease. I decided that it was time to prevent this and that something more should have been done to help this patient. We needed a lifestyle based program such as the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program to prevent so many patients from dying from obesity related conditions.

So the next time you are not inspired – ask yourself the simple question, “Why did I start doing this to begin with?”. It is my opinion that both healthcare entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals must have daily rituals to remember why they are doing what they are doing. It is about helping patients. Remember one patient you helped and find more to help. There is a famous TED Talk from Simon Sinek that talks about how operating from a “why” perspective is so powerful and inspiring which I encourage you to watch here:

Imagine if your actions saved a live. That is more valuable than money. It is the greatest honor to be able to do something that either saves a life or improves someone’s quality of life. There are so many people saying that it is a stupid decision to go to medical school or go into healthcare. Many of these people site how it is a poor financial decision and one could make more money in another job. If you operate from this financial perspective, you will never be fulfilled and happy. You must operate from a mindset of helping others.

For the potential future medical students or physicians that may not be as inspired as they were when they entered the healthcare profession – I simply ask you to remember one patient that you helped or wanted to help. For the entrepreneurs, imagine how many people you could help with your product or service.

Stop listening to the media or reading online blogs from physicians complaining about medicine. Be a leader and change medicine for the better. It is easy to criticize – harder to act and be part of the solution. Help improve healthcare, be a leader, inspire others, and focus on helping that one patient that made you want to go into healthcare to begin with. This will lead you to the most inspiring and fulfilled life possible.

Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.

Which patient gave you your “why?”

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